Transparency is our key for your success!


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Why noviclick?

At noviclick we are focused on performance and conversions. With our advanced targeting options and fraud filter we make sure that you only get real quality clicks that are proven to have high interaction and conversion rates.


  • Billions of impressions
    On a daily basis we process billions of impressions, from which only the best verified clicks are sold for competitive rates.
  • Multiple ad formats
    Premium popunder and push traffic is available at this time. Noviclick is constantly monitoring the market for new interesting ad formats.
  • Advanced targeting
    Thanks to our real-time bidding system you have the possibility to make changes to your campaigns and bids at any time which are effective immediately.
  • Conversion tracking
    Share your conversion data to noviclick through postback to enjoy better insight and easier campaign optimisation.
  • Fraud Filter
    Our state of the art fraud filter automatically rejects bots, click farms, malware and low quality traffic from your campaigns. Read more
  • Support
    Our support is available daily through email and Skype for questions and advice.

Audience targeting

To help you only reach the audience that works for you, we have many advanced targeting options available in our platform.


Time targeting

Device Type

Frequency Capping

Operating systems

Mobile Carrier / Wifi


White and Blacklist

Fraud Filter Protection

Noviclick is proud to have one of the most advanced fraud detection systems in the industry. We monitor all clicks that are sold through us on multiple levels. We are unique to even automatically refund you for clicks that we are able to specify as suspicious after they are have already been bought and received.


  • Self learning AI
    There are many different types of ad fraud which are rapidly developing and becoming more intelligent. This is why we have a self learning system to quickly identify new fraud methods and low quality clicks.
  • Complete coverage
    Our fraud filtering technology works for every device, ad format and geo and on multiple levels: pre-click, real-time and post-click.
  • Refunds
    As hard as we try to block all fraudulent visits pre-click, sometimes it’s only possible to notice fraudulent indicators real-time or post-click. In this case we will refund you for this clicks. The number of refunded clicks and the amount is displayed in the dashboard.
  • Transparency
    We are completely transparent about the number of suspicious clicks that have been bought from your campaigns. Even though these clicks are refunded to you it can still help in your optimisation process to have this data available in your reports.