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Start promoting offers at Noviclick, you will find only converting and tested offers in our offer wall. Our main verticals are Antivirus, VPN, Mobile content and Sweepstakes.

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Only tested and converting offers

We only add tested and converting offers to our offer wall.

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Direct and exclusive deals

Advertisers trust our traffic, thats why we have direct and exclusive deals.


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You will have good support on Skype or Telegram with advertising experience.

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Whether you are an affiliate marketer or an agency, with Noviclick we help publishers to generate high quality leads for our advertisers. With our 10 years of advertising experience we know the needs of publishers and advertisers. That’s why we only show converting and tested offers in our offer wall.


At Noviclick we want to give publishers something extra and that’s why we also provide pre-landers and give advice on creating the right creatives. This way it’s easier to start running an offer without having all the knowledge and data. We help publishers to get their campaigns running and generate high quality leads. We give publishers an extra high payout if they run the offers on traffic bought at our platform. In this way we give them the opportunity to make more profit. Are you interested in testing some offers with us? Please click the button below to visit our offer wall.



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