In the affiliate marketing industry you need to spy your competition and be one step ahead of them. But which tool do you need to use? In this blog post we will tell you our top spy tools for the affiliate marketing industry 2021.


What are spy tools?

Spy tools will spy across the internet and find all creatives, landers and offers that people are running in the industry. Affiliate marketing is not an easy business and Spy Tools can help you find new offers and angles faster. Spy Tools are collecting thousands of ads and landers across the internet and put them all in one system. This will help you find the best offers and creatives in every country. This is very important to make a good profit. Because you need to be on top of the game and knowing the best offers for every kind of country and device so you can maximise your profits and outbid your competition.


Why should you use a Spy tool?

– It will save you a lot of time!
– Don’t have to search and ask AM’s about new offers.
– See what the most used creatives are.
– See what landing pages work good
– Which traffic sources are populair for which kind of vertical


How can you see if a spy tool is good?

There are many spy tools available on the market and all with their own features and prices.
First of all you need to think about the ad format you want to run. After selecting the ad format you have to check the features of those spytools and compare them. We have made a list of things that are important to check:

– Good coverage of GEOs and networks.
– The bigger the database of the ad spy tool the better.
– Good results and filter options.
– Creatives should be easy to download.
– Do they have landing pages available?


These are the best affiliate spy tools in the industry

anstrex adplexity spypush
Advertising format Push, Native & Dropshipping Ads Mobile, Desktop, Push, Native, Carriers & e-Commerce Ads Push, Adult, Native, Pop
Ads tracked 3 Million + 700 k+ 500 k+
92 80+ 95+
Ad networks monitored 38 10+ 10
Download landingpages Yes Yes No
Affiliate network detection
Yes Yes No
Favourite ads Yes Yes Yes
Search and filters Yes Yes Yes
CPC history Yes Yes No
Price $89.99 $129 $49
  Visit Anstrex
Visit Adplexity
Visit Spypush


Spy tools are important for you as affiliate to stay on top of your competition. It will give you the right insights into what’s going on in the industry to make decisions for your business. Don’t forget to check what kind of downloading options there are available and how many ad networks + GEOS they cover. Good luck with finding the right tool so you can promote some new winning angles!