Campaign Overview:

Noviclick ran a campaign promoting the TotalAV offer on push traffic from 1st May to 1st June. The campaign targeted desktop traffic across all browsers and focused on specific geographies, including GB, AU, CA, IE, NZ, BE, SE, NL, FR, AT, SG, and DE. The goal was to generate high-quality installs and drive sales for the TotalAV product.

Campaign Statistics:

    • Total Clicks: 123,655
    • Impressions: 35,861,232
    • Installs: 1,386
    • Sales: 55
    • Cost: $5,926.77
    • Revenue: $8,250.00
  • Profit: $2,323.23

Campaign Strategy:

Noviclick aimed to maximize the effectiveness of the TotalAV offer by leveraging push traffic from desktop devices. By targeting a wide range of geographies and browsers, the campaign sought to reach a diverse audience and optimize the conversion potential. The push traffic format provided an opportunity to engage users directly, delivering concise and compelling messages about the TotalAV product.

totalav creatives

Results and Analysis:

The campaign achieved positive results across various key performance indicators. With a total of 123,655 clicks generated from 35,861,232 impressions, the campaign demonstrated an impressive click-through rate. This indicates that the ad creatives and targeting strategies effectively captured the attention and interest of the target audience.

Despite the campaign’s cost amounting to $5,926.77, the generated revenue of $8,250.00 resulted in a profit of $2,323.00. This showcases the campaign’s profitability and demonstrates its ability to generate positive return on investment (ROI). The 55 sales that were generated from 1,386 installs further validate the effectiveness of the campaign in driving conversions.

The targeted geographies were chosen strategically based on their potential market size and the relevance of the TotalAV product. By focusing on countries such as GB, AU, CA, and DE, Noviclick ensured that the campaign reached audiences with a strong interest in TotalAV’s offerings. Additionally, targeting specific browsers and desktop traffic allowed for a more streamlined approach to reach users who were likely to engage with the promotion.

totalav stats

totalav stats OS

totalav stats browser

Key Takeaways:

  • The TotalAV offer campaign on push traffic yielded positive results, generating a profit of $2,323.00.
  • The campaign achieved a high click-through rate, indicating the effectiveness of the ad creatives and targeting strategies.
  • Targeting specific geographies and browsers helped reach a relevant and engaged audience.
  • The campaign successfully generated 55 sales from 1,386 installs, demonstrating its ability to drive conversions.
  • Push traffic from desktop devices proved to be an effective channel for promoting the TotalAV offer.

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