Absolutely! Follow these steps on our advertiser platform:


  1. Navigate to your finance dashboard and choose Euro as your currency.
  2. Select “wire” and choose the EUR amount you would like to deposit.
  3. Generate a pro forma invoice. You’ll find our EUR bank account number displayed on this invoice – please use it for your transfer.

Upon receiving your deposit, we’ll convert your Euro payment to US dollars using the official ECB EUR/USD conversion rate. This converted amount will then be credited to your account.


The converted pro forma invoice will be updated to a final invoice, which will clearly show the conversion rate used, as well as the total USD amount credited to your account. Please keep in mind that for all Euro payments, we will issue an invoice in Euros, not in US dollars.


Finally, we’re pleased to let you know that while there’s a deposit fee of $14 for USD transfers, we don’t charge any deposit fee for Euro wires.