We are attending at Affiliate World Dubai! It would be great to meet you there. We have also made some platform updates that we would like to inform you about.

plan meeting in dubai

Plan a meeting with your AM

Please contact your AM to schedule a meeting so you are sure you can have a talk at the conference. If you don’t have an account yet you can email us at info@noviclick.com to schedule a meeting.


We have built some interesting platform updates

We are busy with platform updates to make it even better for you as an advertiser with more insights and options. Here below you can see two of the latest updates we have made at our platform.


bids campaign overviewCurrent bid visualization in campaign overview

With this new update you can see your current bids per campaign and get an idea how you are bidding against the competition. We made it possible to change your bid higher than the top bid in just 1 click:


Mass URL replacement

This tool will help you to replace the tracking URL for multiple campaigns at the same time. This is helpful for example when your tracking domain has been flagged so you don’t have to edit every campaign seperately.