Over the past period we have worked hard to improve our bidding algorithm. We have done this to ensure that traffic will be distributed more fairly across campaigns, and also across the banners within the campaigns. Instead of just looking at the bid, our system now also looks at the CTR of the banners in combination with the country, os, age and other factors to calculate an eCPM per slice and thus improve the distribution.


During the first 24 hours, new campaigns and banners will be placed in a test phase in which our system will estimate the expected CTR and eCPM. After the test period has expired or enough data was collected, the banner or campaign will start performing as usual. This means that in the test phase you can sometimes receive more or less traffic than expected. An icon24hours test phase icon will be added to your campaign or banner if it is currently in the test phase.


Because we have tested different algorithms to arrive at the perfect solution, you may have noticed lately that campaigns have unexpectedly received more or less traffic. This should be a thing of the past from now on and you should only benefit from our improvements.


In addition to the bidding algorithm, we have also made an improvement in the internal categorisation of sites, so that we can now provide even better advice based on conversion postback in the form of black and white lists specifically for your campaigns. So if you haven’t set up conversion postback yet and want to increase your profits, don’t hesitate to do it!