BLACK FRIDAY! One of the biggest moments in the year for shopping owners. It may seem like a surprise but it wasn’t all about shopping and it wasn’t driven by retailers and companies. The idea for it came from shoppers because of heavy traffic after Thanksgiving. In this article we want to give you some tips for getting much more conversions on the 27th of november.


1. Change your creatives & landers

Modify your landers and prepare them for Black Friday! People are totally into shopping and buying products but also winning products. Get your sweep landers ready and make some nice Black Friday angles, or change your antivirus landers into Black Friday sales landers. There are plenty of options to give it a Black Friday look and feel so it will convert better.


2. Ask networks for some Black Friday offers

Don’t forget to ask networks you are working with for some special Black Friday offers. Black Friday deals are converting much better than your general offer.


3. Email or SMS database?

Still have an email or sms database? Make use of it and send them some Black Friday deals.


4. Start your campaigns earlier than the 27th of november!

Black Friday will start the 27th of november, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start earlier. Make use of the winning Black Friday angle and less ad competition the days before!


5. Use Cross-sell, upsell and retargeting!

People getting plenty of ads these days so you need to target them more than once most of the time to let them convert. Give them addittional discount and when they want to buy, give them some upsell options.


Hopefully, these Black Friday tips will help you and give you some ideas for your campaigns.

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