Introduction Voluum tracking platform

For analysing data it’s important to use a good tracker. Voluum is one of the most well known and used trackers of this decade. In this review we will discuss the pros and cons of Voluum and in addition to that we will describe some of the features that make Voluum an interesting tracker.

campaign overview voluum

In the campaign overview all current campaigns are displayed in a well-organised way. When clicking on a campaign there is a button “report” to see more data about that specific campaign. For example: country, mobile carrier, device, os, and many more details.


Create a campaign in voluum

create campaign voluum

When creating a campaign there is an option to add landingpage(s) and offers. Voluum can automatically optimize those landing pages and offers so only the best converting will be displayed. After saving the campaign there will be a campaign url displayed that can be added to an advertising campaign.


Key Features of Voluum

  • Data Grouping & Drilldown
  • Traffic Source & Affiliate Network Templates
  • Reporting API
  • Mobile App
  • Multicurrency
  • A/B Testing for Flows
  • IP/UA Filtering
  • Conversion Cap
  • Notifications
  • Anti-Fraud Kit
  • Multi-user & Workspaces
  • And many more..

Voluum has many key feautures and they are updating their platform a lot to make it better for their users. For an affiliate the most convenient features are are adding sources and networks in a few clicks, due to this new campaigns can be created very fast and easily. No one wants to waste time with creating new campaigns.


Benefits of Voluum

  • Very fast
  • Easy interface
  • Cloud based (no hosting needed)
  • Protect your data
  • Split test offers easily
  • Auto optimizing offers & landers

Cons of Voluum


Current Voluum Prices

voluum prices

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Conclusion about Voluum

Voluum is an advanced tracking tool that is well tailored to the affiliate business. Because many parties are connected, integration with traffic sources and networks are very easy. They have been developing more and more lately so in that aspect it will be a good tool for the upcoming years. For beginners it can be pricey but it saves you a lot of frustrations because it works very easily.


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