We all want to start this new year well! So let’s talk about the verticals that convert well these first months. Together with Gotzha, we made a list with some well-converting offers you can try this first quarter of 2021.

Most people have their own health goals for this new year. Make use of that and try some KETO campaigns for example. People are more and more at home because of COVID. So Antivirus software and streaming offers are very popular these days. When they are at home they are also more downloading stuff online so they need a VPN for protection. Besides that, the Playstation 5 sweep is converting very well too!



1. Health

Traffic: Push traffic, Inpage push traffic
Angle: “Stay healthy and start this year good!”

keto offer

2. Streaming

Traffic: Popunder, Push and Inpage push
: Worldwide
Angle: “Watch the latest movies for FREE!”


3. Antivirus

Traffic: Push and Inpage Push
Angle: “Protect your family and PC from viruses”


4. Sweeps

Traffic: Push and Inpage Push
: CA
Angle: “You’re selected to win the PS5!”

ps5 offer

5. VPN

Traffic: Push traffic, Inpage Push traffic and Popunder
: US, UK, CA, AU, IT, NL, DE, FR, JP, BR
Angle: “Protect your mobile from scams!”

Try one of those offers from Gotzha and create your push and inpage push campaigns at our platform so we can start this year well!

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