Create custom audiences at Noviclick. There are many possible reasons why you would want to create custom audiences. For example, do you have a niche where specific site id’s always perform well? Add these site id’s in a custom audience and target them easily when creating a new campaign. Or do it the other way around and put site id’s in your custom audience that perform a little bit less so you can blacklist them for every campaign!

How does it work?

  1. Go to audiences and create a new audience by adding site id’s.
  2. Create or edit a campaign and add a custom audience. You can also combine multiple custom audiences and site id’s!
  3. Save the campaign and you will whitelist or blacklist your audience

What can you use a custom audience for?

  • Create a general audience that converts well
  • Create an audience that converts well in a specific niche
  • Create an audience you want to retarget
  • Create an audience with site ids you’d like to exclude

If you have questions about creating custom audiences. Please contact your AM!