Postback’s are used to fire conversions to a platform. At Noviclick you can find your postback when creating a campaign. When you install our postback it will fire conversions to our platform so you can look better into the statistics and see how you can optimize our traffic. Beside that our account managers can help you with finding sweet spots.


This is how our postback looks like:{externalid}&payout={payout}&key=yourpersonalkey


Explanation of the postback:
The parameters {externalid} and {payout} can be different in every tracking platform. So it’s also possible that you need to use: ##CLICKID## instead of {externalid}
{externalid} : Here will come your external id or click id. So your tracker will give you the right parameter.
{payout} : The payout will be displayed here.
personalkey : You can find your personal key when creating a campaign.


How the postback can look like when it will fire a conversion: