Landing page optimization is very important for the profit that you will make in the end. Are you running already a landing page and its converting or do you have to create a new lander? Please check the optimization tips below:


Landing page optimization tips:

    1. Same kind of style for your creatives
      Create one kind of style for your advertisement, landing page and offer.
    2. Landing page speed
      Try to make the landing page code so clean as possible. Check your landingpage also in the country where you will promote it.
    3. Visible CTA
      Don’t let your visitors search for the call to action button.
    4. Social proof
      Show some social proof so that people believe you and will convert.
    5. Trustworthy
      Show the users that you are trustworthy with protection elements.
    6. Give them limited time
      Don’t let them wait and think to come back later.
    7. Outline the features & benefits
      Show the readers your features and benefits so they will convert.
    8. Write a good headline
      The headline is the first thing that someone will see when they visits your landing page. So that headline has to be perfect where you can convince them to read more.

After reading these landing page optimization tips try to make a different LP and run it as a split test. Don’t forget to run the split test correctly and don’t stop the test too soon. Otherwise the data that you will get is not right and you will make a wrong decision with optimizing.