Push notifications are clickable notifications that pop-up on a user their browser or application. Those notifications are used as quick communication channel for companies to send their users a message. Beside that it’s used for advertising. At our push advertising section we will tell you more about that.


How do push notifications work?

Push notifications work by a messaging solution like Google Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) that makes it possible for both mobile applications and websites to send notifications to subscribers. Services like FCM verifies the information and then sends the notification to the users device. After receiving the notification, the devices send click and delivery data back to the application. This data helps us tracking the performance of these notifications.


Opting in for push notifications

When a user is browsing on a website you can show them an opt in message from the browser self to collect them into the database. When they are subscribed it’s possible to send them messages.

These browsers are supported for push notifications:
– Safari
– Edge
– Mozzilla firefox
– Google Chrome
– Opera

– Chrome
– Android browser
– Samsung browser
– Firefox
– Opera


Why are push notifications a good advertising method

Push notifications are a really interesting advertising method because of the high amount of visits you can get for a low CPC. Users get the message directly visible and if your creative is good they will click on your advertisement.

Tips for using push notifications:

  1. Test many different kind of creatives
  2. Use emoji’s
  3. Write short but powerful headlines
  4. Match creatives with the prelander
  5. Use spytools! See what’s working

Mistakes made while using push notifications

  1. Running low CTR creatives
  2. Don’t use a prelander
  3. Don’t make different kind of campaigns with subscription age