Google Chrome announced that they will stop the push notification spam with their Chrome 80 update. What effect will it have for us as affiliates and traffic sources?

It looks like the question we have all been asking ourselves will finally be answered… “When will there be a Chrome update that will make it harder to collect push subscribers or worse?”. Google made an announcement yesterday, on the 7th of january, that their Chrome 80 update will make it harder for websites to collect push subscribers.

What it will probably look like:

What consequences will this have?

The update is similar to the one for browser extension installs a few years ago. It was really easy to generate browser extension installs back then (similar to push now), but after some time Google did an update. After that update you had to go to the Chrome Store to install an extension instead of installing it directly from the web page with one click. The same will happen to push, so it will take some extra steps instead of instant subscribing.

This being said we think it will affect our business for sure and it will not be that easy anymore to collect subscribers. But push will not die! In our opinion changes will have to be made to the landing pages to inform the users on how to subscribe with the new flow, exactly like what happened after the Chrome update for extensions.



It will be harder for us to collect subscribers but definitely not impossible! We have to change our landers and make it clear for people how to subscribe. Most likely some of the most used landing pages will also have to change so that people also make an extra effort to subscribe.



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