The end of the year is already in sight and therefore it is time to look ahead and see what online marketing trends we expect are awaiting us in 2020.

There will be changes to push notifications

Currently push notifications are the wild west of the online marketing industry. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have recently announced that they will make changes to requests for permission for push notifications via the browser. This is to improve the user experience when visiting websites that use this.

We do not yet know exactly when in 2020 and what will change, but what we do know is that it is a good idea to make as much use as possible of the current state of affairs and that as soon as there are changes we will respond immediately.


Personalization becomes necessary

Personalized marketing is what it will be all about in 2020. Consumers are tired of seeing everyday advertisements that have nothing to do with them. They change channels when advertisements shown on tv and pay for music streaming services to avoid advertisements. Traditional advertising is becoming less and less effective.

Personalization is really the future for digital marketing. And that is what consumers expect today. A recent study even shows that 79% of consumers feel frustrated when the content of advertisements is not adapted to them.


Interactive content will be more important

Interactive content marketing means that you use the content to engage your audience based on their participation. It is like a conversation in which you do not have to actively participate. Buyers are looking for interactive online content and by 2020, content marketing will change direction. AR / VR, 360 ° video, quizzes and surveys are just a few examples of interactive content.

Interactive content will be one of the most important marketing trends of 2020 for a number of reasons:

  • It is new and original
  • It gives visitors a reason to stay on the page
  • It has a high share rate (almost everyone shares the results of a – often meaningless – quiz, such as “What is your spirit animal?”)
  • People love interaction!


Automation will make things easier

The days of simple campaigns that run profitably without optimization are unfortunately far behind us. What was initially discouraged is now developing into something that will ultimately become indispensable. Noviclick will therefore be involved in 2020 with the development of various automation integrations that will make it easier to optimize campaigns and increase profit margins. Think of automatic bidding strategies, targeting and even ad creation.


Influencer marketing will continue to lose power

We already noticed this year that influencers are starting to lose their strength. The clearest example of this is perhaps the influencer with more than a million followers who did not even succeed to sell 36 of her self-designed t-shirts.

It’s not only that people are getting tired of influencers, also the recent move of Instagram to test the hiding of number of likes on a large scale could be a prelude to a major development with a lot of impact. Because where do advertisers look when choosing Influencers? Their reach, the amount of interaction with their messages. In short, their degree of popularity. The moment that Instagram (and later Facebook too) continues to hide the number of likes in a message, it becomes much more difficult for advertisers to determine who they should work with to get the right reach.


Higher resistance against Facebook and Google

Facebook and Google have dominated the internet for years, they are unknowingly influencing lives and behavior in more and more ways. But we are getting to a phase where people seem to become increasingly aware of this. This year we already noticed more complaining than before on Facebook and we think this trend will continue.

On the advertiser side the strict compliance rules and unfair banning of accounts without warning or reason will continue to make it almost impossible to run a steady business that depends on Google or Facebook ads.


Popularity of voice search

Voice search is still in its infancy, but is now rapidly gaining popularity. Google is expanding their market share with Google Home and more devices are getting Google voice assistant.

Some trend watchers expect that by 2020 half of all searches will be made by voice, which will make an impact to the advertising industry. The keywords for searching in google will change and long tail keywords are more important. Keywords like “how”, what” and “best” are popular with voice search. Beside Google is Siri also expanding their market and which makes voice search something we can no longer ignore in 2020.



In 2020 we will see regulation for push notification advertising. In addition, personalized and interactive content is becoming increasingly important. Through automation, maintaining and optimizing campaigns will become easier. Influencers, Google and Facebook will lose market share, but in contrast voice search will take major steps.