For this Case Study multiple SOI (single opt-in) casino offers were tested in South Africa. SOI offers usually have a lower payout but higher conversion rate which makes it easier to optimise your campaign. South Africa is one of the hidden gems in media buying as there is a lot of traffic available for fairly low prices, so if you can find the right offers it’s definitely worth a test.

Ad Format: Push Notifications
Vertical: Casino
Country: South Africa (ZA)
Period: 2019-09-01 – 2019-10-15

  • ZA – Tiltwin – Magic Red -100 spins bonus – Capped – #1752 from Gotzha
  • ZA – Casino – Europacasino – CPL – SOI – Capped – #1126 from Gotzha
  • Tiltwin Single Optin from iBex Network

Prelanders: none (direct linking)

Total Spent: $937,31
Total Revenue: $1504,17
Total Conversions: 1321
Profit: $566,86
ROI: 65%

Campaign settings
Ad Format: Push Notifications
Pricing Model: SmartCPC
Bid: $0,02
Categories: Mainstream
Countries: South Africa
Device Types: All
Operating Systems: All
Browsers: All
Mobile Carriers: All


For this campaign casino and win-related images have been used. It is always advisable to use inviting images that are related to the offer. Emojis are used in the text because this attracts attention and often increases the CTR.

Case study creatives

Noviclick stats

As can be seen in the statistics below, the performance is clearly better on Android than on Windows. This is probably due to the fact that the landing page was better optimised for mobile users. Looking at the banners you can see that banner 1 shows the best results, almost 20% better than the other banners. For this reason it is always advisable to test multiple banners and rotate them regularly to prevent banner blindness.

Case study noviclick stats
Network stats

Below screenshots from the affiliate networks can be seen for verification.
Case study network stats

There is a lot potential for casino offers in South Africa on push traffic, the next step would be to find more offers and scale the campaign. Also some optimisations can be made in campaign targeting and banners to increase the ROI even further.


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