Noviclick prohibits the promotion of products or services in the following categories:

Strictly prohibited:

  • Fake virus, “scan alerts” or “technical support
  • Malware, phishing or other harmful codes / software
  • Illegal, prescription, or recreational drugs
  • Alcohol or tobacco
  • Offensive, abusive or hate-mongering content
  • Auto-downloading of software or apps
  • Offers with automatic dialing of phone numbers and phone calling
  • Marketing materials that are protected by copyright and trademark laws
  • Landing pages that exploit the vulnerabilities in a browser

Noviclick also reserves the right to reject any content for any reason at our sole discretion. Please note that campaigns are continually reviewed by our staff and an active campaign can be suspended at any time. If, after approval, a campaign was modified in a way that does not follow our Guidelines, your account could be suspended or terminated.


We also have labels for some of our more strict publishers

Labeled as “Brand”:

  • Brand logos including spelled wrong
  • Don’t talk in behalve of the brand
  • Messages from postal services
  • Imitation of interfaces of well-known sites

Labeled as “False-claim”:

  • Scary offers or landing pages like: ”you have a virus”
  • Fake system update messages like “you have (3) messages”
  • Your phone has been paid. Claim it now
  • Landing pages focused on collecting subscribers
  • Celebrities or politicians names for fake news

Labeled as “Sexual”:

  • Creatives, offers or landing pages that have sexually provocative content
  • Naked images, Sex toys, Masturbation

Find more infomartion about this on the labels wiki page.